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Young Living Oils and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils to boost health and wellness. Most people think of aromatherapy as being all about scent, but actually, the molecules in top quality essential oils have been scientifically studied and have specific effects on the mind, body and spirit. Some oils have hundreds of chemical constituents, all of which work synergistically together. To achieve desirable effects with aromatherapy, it is critically important to use the proper oils, preferably Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.

Young Living is currently the largest distiller of organic essential oils in the world. All of their oils are independently tested to assure optimal levels of beneficial constituents, and they are guaranteed to be Young Living Therapeutic Grade.

There is a special collection called "Everyday Oils" which includes 9 bottles of single oils and blends chosen as some of the most versatile and useful for aromatherapy. This collection is a great way to get started with aromatherapy. Click below to listen to listen to a recorded webinar teaching about these wonderful Everyday Oils.

(webinar coming soon)

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